2 rules for Christmas marketing

Coca Cola Santa Claus

Rule 1) 5 billion people do not celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a Christian holiday. It is most likely the most promoted and best known religious holiday thanks to its presence in entertainment, media, and advertising. But companies should still remember that although Christianity is the biggest religion, it is still not practiced by all.

These are the top global religions:
– Christianity: 2.4 billion
– Islam: 1.8 billion
– Hinduism: 1.15 billion
– Buddhism: 521 million
– Chinese traditional religion: 394 million

Rule 2) Christmas is not only about sales goals

Christianity, like all religions, is a very complex collection of abstract ideas, some of which are very inspiring. They have been tested for thousands of years. No other organization has had so much time to improve their values and content. The concepts of love, family, sharing, and helping each other are the most powerful.

When creating Christmas content focus on these inspiring values instead of only on the sales goals. Make sure that the Christian values are present and visible, and not excluded or hidden under a pile of shopping promotions. Maybe your sales will drop by a few per cent, but your brand will grow substantially.

Marry Christmas, if you are one of the 2,2 billion Christians who celebrate Christmas on 25 Dec.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 24 Dec 2018