Also consumers can make better decisions - Live With Brands lecture, Palazzo Chiericati

Win With Brands BEM apps Palazzo Chiericati Vicenza

Last Wednesday 20 September we held our first Live With Brands lecture in Palazzo Chiericati, Vicenza, Italy.

Until now our lectures and webinars were designed for managers and were titled Win With Brands. This is the first time we presented our BEM Values method to end customers – everyday person who makes decisions for their own benefit.

We, the customers, make thousands of decisions in our lifetimes. Some decisions are short-term like which product to buy in a supermarket. Some decisions are long-term like which school should our children attend or which job we should take. Today almost all of these decisions are influenced by brands. And brand influence is more powerful than ever before due to the amount of content available.

Live With Brands lecture explained the brand as a collection of values accepted by a customer and how brands offer values with their products and content. The importance of content was emphasized because its effect is not so obvious as with products. We focus on the products because they become our property and often deliver hard values while content remains invisible. However, the effect of content on our decisions is still powerful. Lecture used examples of notable brands to explain how both product and content together influence our decisions.

Lecture suggested a simple decision checklist:
– Which hard values do I accept?
– Which soft values do I accept?
– Which values influence my decision the most?

This checklist can be used in any kind of a “purchasing” decision and can help us make a better informed decision.

We hope to plan more Live With Brands events in the future. Our research and work in BEM apps should not be used only to sell better, but also to buy better :)

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 23 Sep 2017