Five brand equity management buzzwords which can come in handy

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One of the best ways to share the knowledge is to share the terminology. Terminology is formal and fixed. Besides terminology there are also buzzwords which spread much faster, can live shorter, and can spread the knowledge more efficiently. Buzzwords are the pop-culture.

Here are five brand equity management buzzwords which can come in handy in everyday management:


Customer truth

Customer truth is the customer point of view. It is not the objective truth nor the whole truth. It is a very narrow subjective point of view, and it is the only truth that matters for any business. Do not fight against it!


Legacy attitude

Organizations are like people, they have attitudes. Legacy attitude is an ancient, entrenched, traditional attitude of the people who manage the brand towards something. It can be competitive if it is strategic, but it can be loser attitude if it is related to operations. Legacy attitude towards technology (operations) is a loser attitude. Legacy attitude to always offer unique value to customers (strategic and cultural) is very competitive.


Blast & drip & personal

Blast is screaming at a crowd. Drip is talking people through a process. Personal is being a good friend. Blast, drip, and personal are buzzwords which describe the evolution of technology in the past century. Also, they are stages of brand development, with the majority of global brands still being at blast because of the lack of resources or because of legacy attitudes. Personal is the unavoidable future and is where AI shines the brightest.


Relevant, fresh, sharp

Your brand is so relevant! Your brand is so fresh! Your brand is so sharp! Your brand values are accepted by customers and you are following all the trends. Being accepted and not following trends is also not competitive. Aim for both.


Quick win

Past few decades are all about agility, and agility is all about quick wins. Do not go for long wins, but for short wins. Wins that are achieved within a week, and which tear down negative legacy attitudes and improve the agility. Quick wins are hardest and most expensive.


Enjoy your quick wins, stay personal and sharp!