The nature of googleplex of customers decisions, and the inherent responsibility of marketers

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Talking about how to do marketing does not get us far. The real work is in understanding customer decisions. For the purpose of the most extreme generalization I organized all customer decisions in 5 types:

1) Calculated
Example: What is the closest gas station?

2) Calculated and a bit impulsive
Example: Mercedes is a great machine, AND it is a Mercedes.

3) Impulsive but harmless
Example: I love these 1,000 EUR Dolce & Gabbana shoes!

4) Impulsive, bad for me
Example: Smoking.

5) Impulsive, bad for others
Example: Rwanda massacre promoted via radio.

If we understand customers decisions we can better understand how products, content, and values work. First, all these decisions are influenced by content. Calculated decision is motivated by the hard values, and impulsive decision is motivated by the soft values. Customers might argue that they also calculated impulsive decisions, but this is only a superficial justification for the impulse and not the real decision process. From this we can conclude that customer life choices and daily decisions are heavily influenced by content.

My dream would be to document all decisions made by the 7+ billion people in the world for a year including how much money and time was spent on each decision. I would not be surprised if results would show that majority of these googleplex of decisions were impulsive and influenced by content.

The scary part is that content is never an accident but is always designed. Someone like me, a marketer, designs the content and designs the media which shares the content. Over time content has become more and more designed by marketers instead of artists, writers, inventors. For example, influence of marketing on entertainment is greater now than ever before. So all customer decisions, classified in above 5 types, are influenced by few marketers who make the content.

Hopefully us marketers understand this unavoidably inherent responsibility.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 8 Jun 2018