Two types of marketing

two types of marketing thinking

Playing the “two types” game is entertaining and revealing even though generalizations can be far from the truth. We can play the “two types of marketing” game. Below are three examples of two types of marketing ideologies:

By marketing skills:
1) Marketing is a design activity focused on creating new, unique, innovative products, content, and values for customers;
2) Marketing is a not a design and is focused on promotion of someone else’s products, content, and values.

By understanding the customer:
1) Customers are smart, we need to give them high-quality products and content and they will come to us;
2) Customers are stupid, we need to trick them.

By participation in company innovation and change:
1) Marketing will be active in the change and innovation in the company;
2) Marketing will be passive and wait for the change and innovation to happen elsewhere.

Which marketing thinking is dominant in your team?

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 7 Dec 2018