We have launched the Customers feature - a big data solution

BEMapps.com Customers feature big data

In BEMapps.com – our marketing & sales dashboard – we have added the Customers feature. It will collect customer data from multiple sources, filter them, allowing all marketing and sales staff to use and analyze them.

Our design of the Customers feature was motivated by two main goals:

Understand ALL customers who are interacting with the company
CRMs manage only the last stage of the marketing & sales process, which contain a fraction of the total number of customers. The majority of customers — individuals who have interacted and shown various levels of interest in the company, are invisible if only CRM is used. Their data is scattered in multiple third party databases and are very hard to access, consolidate, and use. We wanted every company to be able to see all customers and learn from their interactions.

Improve teamwork and team know-how with the customer data
Once all the marketing & sales staff see who the customers are and how new customers arrive and interact in real time, their work will become more focused and embedded. One of the biggest challenges for companies is getting different teams to work well together, and we believe seeing actual customers react in real time is a great way to build practical effective teamwork.

If you are our current BEMapps.com client or if you are interested in purchasing BEMapps.com contact us:
– For Italy: Andrea Toniolo, andrea@bemapps.com
– For the rest of the world: Nikola Tosic, nikola@bemapps.com
– For technical inquiries: Nebojsa Dolas, nebojsa@bemapps.com

BEMapps.com also includes the following features:
Trends – Follow market and competitor trends,
Performance – Marketing & sales analytics,
Products – Product information and know-how management,
Brands – Brands information management,
Competitors – Competitor analytics,
Team – Team performance and KPIs.

Current clients can log in and use the Customer feature now.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 12 Dec 2018